What is the minimum required down payment?

In most cases you could qualify with just $2,500 down payment.

What do I need to apply for a car loan?

Your valid Driver's license, Proof of insurance and proof of income (paycheck stub)

Do you have financing available for people with less than perfect credit?

Yes, we do. Once you provide the necessary information, we'll be able to match you with the best lender to get you qualified. It's fast and easy click HERE for more information.

Where do I make payments?

With our multiple payment options, we've taken the worry out of it. You can either, pay by phone and speak   to of our account representatives during our business hours, create a scheduled payment service, through   your bank account, pay in person or create an online account with us and make your payments through online payment service. 

Could I renew the warranty?

Yes, you can choose to be reminded when your warranty is about to expire. 

Could I use my warranty at any repair shop?

You must first contact the repair shop of your choice and ask them if they accept the type of warranty you have, rpior to taking your car there to avoid any problems. There are many car warranty companies out there and different dealerships use different car warranty companies.